When the green and red VSA indicators have disappeared from your chart and the diamond trend is all gray (as shown below), you will need to reset the activation of both the TG_VSAPlugin and the TG_VSAScanner on your computer. These instructions will explain the steps required to reset the VSA indicators in the Infinity AT or Sierra Chart platforms.

DO NOT uninstall the VSA software! To correct the gray colored indicators you will need to reset the VSA software activation by following the steps below.

  1. Open your Sierra Chart or Infinity AT software if it is not open already.
  2. Close all open Chartbooks. 
    1. Click File on the menu, choose Close All Open Chartbooks and if you would like to save your chartbooks, click the Yes to All option
  3. Open the file explorer on your computer.
  4. Select the C Drive on your computer.
  5. Open either the TradeGuider45 or the TradeGuider47 folder, depending on the version of VSA that you have installed.
  6. Open the Configuration folder.
  7. Find and delete the configuration files. If you are using VSA 4.5 delete the config45_0201 and the config45_0203 files. If you are using VSA 4.7 delete the config47_1201 and config47_1203 files.
  8. In Infinity or Sierra, create a new Chartbook.
    1. Click File on the menu, choose New Chartbook.
  9. Open a new chart.
    1. Click File on the menu.
    2. Choose Find Symbol, then select a symbol from the list of symbols. Use a symbol that you receive data for.
    3. Click the Open Intraday Chart button. 
    4. Once the chart has loaded, close the find symbol window.
  10. After the new chart loads, remove any studies (if there are any) from the chart before proceeding.
    1. To remove the Studies, right-click on the chart, choose Studies
    2. Select one of the studies from the list on the right.
    3. Click the Remove button on the right. 
    4. Repeat until all studies have been removed, then click the OK button.
  11. Add the TG VSA Plugin to your new chart (The 4.5 version will be TG_VSAPlugin_4_5 and the 4.7 will be TG_VSAPlugin_4_7). Right-click on the chart, choose Studies, click the Add Custom Studies button, select the TG_VSAPlugin for your version from the list.
  12. Activate it with your email address and your activation code. The activation code is located on the TG website in your account (you must log into the site to get your unique code) and you will find it in the software section under the Sierra Chart or Infinity AT charts link. You will know it is activated when the red and green triangles are on the chart. (The activation code can be found on the TG website in your account through the MT5 product link)
  13. Once that is activated add the TG_VSAScanner_4_5 and activate it.

Once they are both activated then you may close this temporary chartbook and open a previously saved chartbook that has the VSA indicators. Click File on the menu and choose Open Chartbook and select one of your previously saved chartbooks.

Here is a video tutorial.

Sierra Activation Reset 

Here are some key things to keep in mind when you are reset the VSA software.

Having multiple charts open with VSA will interfere with the activation reset, make sure that you close all open chartbooks, create a new chartbook and add only one chart. If there are indicators on this chart, remove them before you try to activate the VSA software. You must first activate the TG_VSAPlugin before you can activate the TG_VSAScanner.

Once you have reset the activation and both the TG_VSAPlugin and TG_VSAScanner are activated, you may close this new chartbook, then open your previous chartbooks.