Smart Center is not reporting the trend bar by bar, it is a culmination of the last 2 bars by default. They have to be the same to change the color. The sequence scanner and the smart center pro are using two different algorithms for the trends.

In the sequence scanner, each of the boxes is showing the diamond color of the bar on the chart from right to left, not including the live bar. In the smart center, it is a culmination of diamonds from right to left that identifies the trend alignment. 

The default setting in the smart center is set to 2. This means that the last 2 bars have to have the same diamond color before it identifies the trend color, please see the image below. If you increase that to 3 it will take 3 bars with the same color diamonds, if you increase it to 4 it will take 4 bars, etc.

With that said, you can have a green then red, or red then green, or green then gray, or red then gray, etc... diamonds, from right to left, in the sequence scanner and those exact colors will show on the scanner window, but in smart center, it will show as gray because the last two bars are not in alignment.