You can set up emails for the scanner alerts. This is done through the settings of the scanner in the TradeStation platform. These instructions apply to the TradeStation 9.1 or TradeStation 9.5 versions.

  1. Right-click on a chart with the scanner.
  2. Choose Format Analysis Technique.
  3. Choose the TG_VSAScanner_4_5 or the TG_VSAScanner_4_7 depending on the version that you are using 
  4. Click the Format button.
  5. Choose the Alerts tab.
  6. Check the Enable Alerts box if it is not already checked.
  7. Set the condition to "Alert Once".
  8. Click the Configure button in the use custom settings dialog.
  9. Check the Email box and click the Configure button.
  10. In the To and From email fields, enter your email address.
  11. Use the information from the TradeStation help page link below to find the configuration settings for your email provider.
  12. Check the SSL box.
  13. Set the port to 25.
  14. Click the Test button.
  15. One of two things will happen: The process will go through and you will receive the email, or the process will fail and you will receive a message stating "Login Required by Server". If you get that message do the following.
  16. Check the "My SMTP Server requires authentication" box.
  17. Enter your email address and the password.
  18. Click the Test button again.
  19. Once you receive the email test confirmation the setup is now complete. If you do not receive the email test confirmation or you receive further errors, please consult with TradeStation for help with setting up the email alerts.

This is the TradeStation help page for setting up email for the complete information.