Follow these steps to set up a new chartbook in the Sierra Chart or Infinity AT Charts trading platforms.

  1. Click File on the menu.
  2. Choose New Chartbook.
  3. Click the FS button on the toolbar or click File on the menu and choose Find Symbol.
  4. In the find symbol window, select your symbol from the list.
  5. Click the Open Intraday Chart button.
  6. Allow the new chart to load.
  7. Click Analysis on the menu.
  8. Choose the Analysis group that you want to load e.g. TradeGuider45+Scanner. The next 3 steps only apply to futures that roll over. For stock charts, forex charts, or other charts that do not change, skip to step 9.
    1. On each of the new charts that have loaded click the CS button on the toolbar or right-click on the chart and choose Chart Settings.
    2. Check the box "Automatically roll over futures contracts".
    3. Repeat until all charts in your chartbook have this checked, click OK when done.
  9. Click File on the menu and choose Save As.
  10. Name the new chartbook and click OK to save it.

The chartbook name is to help you remember what is in it. One suggestion is to use the symbol name followed by VSA, for example, ES_VSA. That would be the Emini S&P 500 with VSA. This is just a suggestion, please use a name that will help you to remember what the content of the chartbook you created is. Be as creative as you like.

You will need to create a new chartbook for each symbol that you want to scan. The scanner can handle a maximum of 25 different symbols.