Trend Clusters help to identify past support and resistance levels on the current live bar. This is available in Version 4.7 of the VSA Plugin.

There are 3 strengths of indicators 

Purple:                                 Strongest. The most trend lines that intersect at that point vertically on the live bar.
Orange:                               Medium strength, not as strong as the Purple. Fewer number of lines  that intersect at that point vertically on the live bar.
Grey:                                   Weakest strength, not as strong as the Orange. Has the fewest number of lines, that intersect at that point vertically on the live bar.

The software creates the trend clusters based on where the trend lines and the support/resistance lines intersect at the vertical timeline of the live bar (far right of the chart) that has not yet closed. This is all done using a proprietary methodology. These trend lines are weighted and some of them are more important than others. This weighting takes into consideration the price and the volume data of each line using the proprietary methodology. From the list of all calculated trend clusters, the 5 strongest trend clusters above and below the current price level are drawn on the chart.

There can be trend clusters for a symbol in one timeframe whereas another timeframe of the same symbol does not display any trend clusters, each time frame will have different data. For example, 1 minute chart containing 500 bars, showing an uptrend with light corrections (then you’ll hardly be able to see any intersections of Trend Lines in the right side of the chart and therefore Trend Clusters), while 5 minutes chart, having also 500 bars  shows downtrend and corrections  on first 400 bars and up trend on last 100 bars (therefore some intersections and potentially Trend Clusters can take place on the right side)