Initial software Release.

This version contains following new optional features:

  1. Trend Clusters
  2. Selection of  Trigger Bar types
  3. Selection of  alert direction:  "In Trend" or "In Counter Trend"
  4. Independent  Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) principles selection for Trigger Bars and for Confirmation Indicators
  5. Selection of additional signal filters for “In Trend” strategies : Correction of price, Checking volume behavior on the correction (decreasing or low volume while price goes down (in an uptrend) or decreasing or low volume on correction up (in a down trend)), Checking price position toward last found Trigger Bar on all time frames  above the one where confirmation VSA principle is found. For example, if confirmation VSA principle (like Test) is found on 5 minutes chart while on 15 minutes or Hourly charts or higher the price is below the low of the last found Trigger Bar (what shows weakness), the alert to the long side will not be generated
  6. SMART Center Pro may now perform the check of conditions described in the initial version of  "TopBot" strategy documentation on all required time frames and generate the signal when they are aligned.  
  7. Possibility to switch off default trading strategies and create, customize, save as well as to restore your own at any point of time.

Following new platforms were added:

  1. Volume Spread Analysis software for NinjaTrader 7 platform (64 bit version) is added