You should only do this if instructed by technical support. The attached files will only work with TG VSA 4.7, they are not compatible with VSA 4.5. The reason for replacing these files is due to corruption. This can affect the TG icon and make it not visible.

  1. Close the Sierra Chart software. This is important do not skip this step.
  2. Download the attached files TG_SCP_SharpShooter.ctp and TG_SCP_TopBot.ctp
  3. Go to the folder where you have installed Sierra Chart. The Default location is your system drive, drive C.
  4. Open the Sierra Chart folder.
  5. Open the VSA folder.
  6. Open the V4_7 folder.
  7. Delete the TG_SCP_SharpShooter.ctp and TG_SCP_TopBot.ctp and any other ctp file in there.  Do not delete the CustomSetups file.
  8. Copy the downloaded TG_SCP_SharpShooter.ctp and TG_SCP_TopBot.ctp files into this folder.
  9. Start your Sierra Chart software and allow all charts to load and the VSA indicators to completely calculate.
  10. You should now see the TG icon in the upper left of your main computer monitor.

These instructions also apply to the Infinity AT Charting software.