Currently, there are 2 data providers that are supported in the TradeGuider Real Time (TG RT) software, eSignal or RealTimeData

With eSignal you only need their data service, you do not need their charting platform. You may sign up for either their delayed data service or their live data service for the market you need. ESignal offers data services for most exchanges worldwide. It is best to call them and ask about their current pricing and if they are offering any special offers for new users, let them know that you do not need their charting platform, only the data service. In the U.S.,call: 800.815.8256 or 510.723.1620. In Europe, call: +44 (0)20 7825 8770.
In Australia, call: +61 3 9249 2171. In Asia, call: +61 3 9249 2171.

With RealTimeData the data connectivity is directly built into the TG RT software and provided by BarChart, there is no need for additional software to receive the data. They offer very competitive pricing for the exchanges they support. To find out more go to and click the link for Real Time Accounts.

Please keep in mind that with either service you will have to pay an additional exchange fee for the live data.

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