Here are a few tips to get the most out of your VSA software in the MT5 trading platform.

  1. Change the Max number of bars to load on the chart to 20000, or less if you find that it is taking too long to load. See the following solution for more details
  2. On charts that you are using the scanner change the chart to the highest time frame that you plan on setting in the scanner before you add the scanner. 
  3. Do not to change the time frame of charts that have the scanner on them. Once you have the scanner set on a chart and it has loaded, leave it. You may open a different chart and add the other VSA indicators, not the scanner, and change the time frame on that chart.
  4. You should not have the scanner running more than one time per symbol. For example, if you open the GBPUSD H4 chart and add the scanner, do not open a GBPUSD M1 chart and add the scanner to that chart. The time frames set in the scanner settings on the GBPUSD H4 chart, will all be downloaded from that chart.