To use candle charts you will need to change the Plugin indicator settings and disable the "Bar color scheme." That will allow you to switch to candles in MT4 or MT5. 

The following instructions explain how to do this.

  1. Right-click on a chart.
  2. Choose the Indicators List.
  3. Select the TG_VSAPlugin_4_5 or the TG_VSAPlugin_4_7 indicator depending on the version you use.
  4. Click the Edit button (Properties in 4.7).
  5. In the Custom Indicator window, go down to the "Bar color scheme".
  6. Double click and choose "No bar coloring".
  7. Click OK.

This will only change the current chart you are using. To make this change to all of your charts you will need to re-save the template that you are using or create a new template, then apply this changed or new template to your other charts. This is explained in the following support solution: