In TG EOD or TG RT, all MetaStock data has to include Open Interest price, even if the value is 0 as is the case for stocks. 

When importing folders it is important to only import the folders you use. Importing of the entire hard drive or multiple subfolders that you do not use will take extra time to load the data in the software. 

In the case of selecting the entire C drive (or any other drive) you may receive a Windows message that the software is not responding and it is frozen, generally, the software is still working in the background and it is not frozen. In this case, you should reduce the folders you are trying to load after it becomes responsive or reset the MetaStock folder list.

  1. Click File on the menu.
  2. Choose MetaStock Folder Management.
  3. Click the Add Search Folder or Drive.
  4. Browse to your C Drive or the drive where you are saving your MetaStock data.
  5. Open the main MetaStock Data folder.
  6. Open the subfolder (e.g. European folder then select the folder e.g. London and then select the subfolder e.g. FTSE100) or select the folder you want, e.g. NASDAQ 100.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat steps 1 - 7 to import further folders.
  9. Click OK when finished.

It is best practice to only import the folders you will use. Importing data from folders you will not use will increase the time to load and use the TradeGuider software.