The Trade Guider End of Day (TG EOD) software supports the end of day data services from MetaStock or RealTimeData.

MetaStock offers end of day data for most exchanges worldwide. If you plan to use the Stock Scanner tool in the TG EOD software, you will need to subscribe to your market and the Worldwide Indices feeds. For users with MetaStock you will also need their "The Downloader" software which they will provide when you subscribe. If you do not receive the link for their downloader software after you subscribe, please contact MetaStock support and request the software. You will need to download the data daily with the MetaStock Downloader software, it is not possible to directly download the data through the TG EOD software.

RealTimeData offers end of day data for the US and Canadian exchanges as well as Forex. You will find the list of exchanges here RealTimeData end of day exchange list. The data service is built directly into the TG EOD software so there is no need to install additional software to receive the data.